Sunday, 20 December 2015

Was Hamza Warsame Murdered By Racists In Seattle?

Home - That's what Hamza Warsame's friends and family in Seattle's Somali American community come back to again and again: Hamza, just 16, was only one sura, or chapter, away from finishing Islam's central text.

He was a great studier. The American-born son of two refugees from Somalia, Hamza dreamed of studying computer science at MIT. He was already taking classes at Seattle Central College, which is where he said he was headed the last time his family saw him, on Dec. 5.

Even for someone as diligent as Hamza, his plans that day were unusual. He never left home on a Saturday to study at school, his sister Ikram Warsame recalled.

As he left around 2:40 p.m., his family — doing what families do with children everywhere — reminded Hamza to come home safe.

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